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Review: The Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning

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X-Factor (comics)

As a relationship counselor, Jessica has helped hundreds of men and women achieve their relationship dreams. Overally, a very good read and my first of the author and would love to read more from her. Jul 17, Laura rated it really liked it. It was an enjoyable read and had some witty dialogue.

The story is about four friends all in their early 30's who have been unsuccessful in dating and in Rosa's case, marriage. Their fr 3. Their friend Marnie has been living abroad for two years and has now returned to London. During her absence, Rosa's husband was unfaithful with a younger woman and their marriage has ended. Helen has been working from home for the last two years but her friends do not know what she really does for a living.


Helen spends a lot of time at home and doesn't date but is pining for the lost love of her life. Ani is a cynical lawyer but also a cynical dater! She dates constantly, but never has any luck in finding a suitable man. Marnie decides that they should all date an ex of each other.

Although the other three women are not so keen, they soon agree to try it and Rosa will write an article about it called the 'Ex Factor'. They each get in touch with an ex although none of the exes were long term boyfriends, more like 'first dates'! It was predictable who each women would end up with apart from Marnie. I found Marnie intriguing and was interested to learn what she had been upto the last two years as it's obvious, it wasn't travelling as her friends thought.

Of the four women, I liked Helen and Rosa the best and the men they ended up with were the best of the bunch! I'm used to reading about Alpha Males, so I must admit, I didn't relate to any of the men as romantic interests! They were either geeky or had OCD and other quirks that to me, did not come across as particularly attractive or what I like to read about in a hero. However, they did appear to be well sutied to each heroine and I understood the moral of the story. There were certain aspects of the plot that whilst amusing, I felt weren't needed.

I would rather have read more about the romances as the conclusion to each romance came right at the very end and appeared slightly rushed. I read this book in one sitting which is unusual for me of late as most books are boring me. I would read more from this author and recommend this if you like chick-lit or Bridget Jones type books. ARC provided by Netgalley Aug 13, Kaisha The Writing Garnet rated it liked it. Your best friend dating your ex, well, one of. The ex that may have been sent packing by yours truly, yet gets a chance with YOUR best friend?

Totally not weird at all, waste not want not! Can you imagine the amount of secrets that could come spilling out? Four best friends choosing four exes to give to one of their friends to date and have a chance of getting their happy ending.

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All four ladies stand out in their own ways, completely different personalities each with their own fair share of heartbreak. I have to admit, it did take me a while to get into the swing of the book pardon the pun , there was a lot of too-ing and fro-ing between characters and their emotions. I know it is good for the environment to recycle, but I definitely would not give any of my exes to my friends to date!

Because of my own personal opinion on the matter, I loved how different this book was. A topic that will divide the readers and will definitely keep them talking. Eva Woods has taken such a diverse topic and put her own signature twist on it that makes the book stand out from the rest. Not only was there romance, there were plenty of giggles throughout the book aside from the men in superman pants obviously. Despite my initial reservations, I enjoyed the concept of the story and the way that Eva brought it to life. Such a cleverly written book that will definitely spark many different opinions!

Jul 31, MetLineReader rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs , A light hearted look at dating -- ever fancied your friend's ex? Marnie and Helen have been friends since primary school and would do anything really?! Ani and Rosa met at Uni, and the four have been inseparable ever since. Marnie returns from an overseas trip - she's been away for 2 A light hearted look at dating -- ever fancied your friend's ex? Marnie returns from an overseas trip - she's been away for 2 years -- and suggests they date one of the other's ex-boyfriends The story, bittersweet in places and slapstick silly in others, develops from here -- particularly as Rosa, a journalist on a magazine, ends up having to write about the experience Aug 28, Claire Watson rated it liked it.

Helen, Marnie, Ani and Rosa have been friends for years. Helen hasn't dated for two years, Ani can't seem to get past the first date, Rosa has just been dumped by her husband for a twenty year old intern and Marnie has just returned from South America. As they are all single Marnie comes up with the idea of them all setting each other up with one of their exes: Project Ex Factor. This book is a lighthearted look at the perils and pitfalls of the dating world and the potential advantages of dating Helen, Marnie, Ani and Rosa have been friends for years.

This book is a lighthearted look at the perils and pitfalls of the dating world and the potential advantages of dating pre-screened men. This is a good concept for a book and it is relatively easy to read, I actually read it in a couple of days. It's a very entertaining read and I'm sure everyone will be able to associate with some of the 'dates' the girls go on. I would give his book 3.

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Jul 31, Kat rated it liked it Shelves: net-galley-tbr. This was my first book by Eva Woods.

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I liked it a lot and found the writing and plot really captivating. I wanted to keep reading yet had to go back to real life. Marine was such an annoying character, it seemed as though she thought the world and everyone around her owed her everything.

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